I remember a job in 2017. I needed to add folder redirection to a Horizon View 7 environment. They had UEM 9.0 and like 10 customers.
Previously they had all their redirections in GPO.
Easy peasy because you can choose to follow the Documents folder for example.

GPO setting for folder redirection

If I wanted to recreate the same in UEM, I got a lot of entries to fill in with 10 customers. Also we couldn't follow the documents folder.
So go a minimum of 2 folder redirection "policies" per customer.

UEM folder redirection "policy"

But now… Vmware announced that in UEM 9.6 they changed folder redirection.
I am very happy to see this development from Vmware.
I can now tell the customer where I work today that
they can delete their folder redirection GPO in AD and go fully to UEM.
This was beside "trusted sites" the last user policy they have in AD.

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